Dude Be Nice Rally


Sophia Hernandez, Journalist

This year we are proud to announce that Mrs. Van Vuren is our Dudette of the Year! This was declared at the Dude Be Nice Rally on Friday, November 4th! There were many exciting events that took place during the rally, and in result, created a very enthusiastic atmosphere

The rally was kicked off with a wonderful speech from Leadership, followed by our annual class cheers! As always the seniors had the most spirit! Once the crowd died down a bit, the rally officially began. With select students standing up, being chosen by teachers for showing kindness to other students with the gift of a red balloon. All the students were congratulated for their behavior, and Leadership showed us a surprising video! Some of our own students from Ripon High were asked to write a letter expressing their gratitude for somebody, and then call them. All of the participants were fairly emotional. The video was very heartwarming, and definitely showed an exhibition of gratitude and giving. 

Then, there was the main event, which was when our dude or dudette of the year was announced! With the whimsical tune of the Hogwarts halls, we were told that our own Mrs. Van Vuren was nominated the Dudette of the Year! She was starstruck, and very grateful! Then she was showered with lovely gifts from some clubs on campus. From the Kindness Club to our own JROTC, all of our participants gave out lovely gifts to Mrs. Van Vuren. 

Mrs. Van Vuren states, “I was so surprised, and so touched, it was so so nice to have that much positivity directed towards me.”

 When asked if she had anybody to thank for this lovely award she said, “I would say, it’s really hard not to thank the students, because they make it easy to be nice.”

As the rally came to a close, the band played their music and the students dispersed for their lunch break. Let’s get ready for next year’s  Dude Be Nice Rally!