Ramirez Becomes Park View Principal


For ten years, Mr. Ramirez has worked at Ripon High with a smile on his face, always greeting students cheerfully. Now, Park View Elementary is looking for a new principal to finish off the year. Who better than our amazing Vice Principal, Mr. Ramirez?

When Ramirez first joined the Ripon High Staff, he was the school psychologist. After three years of counseling, he decided to become the Vice Principal because he believed he could make more of an impact on the students and motivate them to succeed.

“I think I was able to do a lot of what I did as a school psychologist as a Vice Principal,” he says. “I just really enjoy getting to talk to the students, especially when they’re not struggling. I think this position allows me to talk to students freely.” 

One of Ramirez’s favorite events hosted by Ripon High is the annual Pow Wow registration. It’s the start of the new school year and he loves getting to have the students back on campus after summer break. “I love just hanging out with the kids,” states Ramirez. “One of my favorite things is just talking to them and getting to know them. Plus, the campus just feels so different with everyone gone. I love the feeling of having everyone back.”

Ramirez says that the Disneyland Grad Nite trips were some of his favorite memories from working at the school. As a result of the trips, he got to bond with students and other staff members off campus. Without this experience, he wouldn’t have been able to spend time with everyone in such a fun, carefree setting. 

“Absolutely, 100%, the people are what I’ll miss most,” Ramirez says. He has gotten close with parents, students and staff while he’s worked here, so when he saw the open position at Park View across town, it wasn’t a quick choice for him. A week later, Ramirez decided he would apply for the job. 

“I think I’m most nervous about finding my footing,” he says. “It’s something entirely different. Even though it’s what I’m scared about, I think I’m most excited about change.”

Ramirez replaced Park View’s former principal since 2019, Jim Schuller, and he is hoping for this to become a permanent position.