Dancing the Night Away: Brigade Military Ball


Ella Perry (left) and Makenzie Perry (right)

Ripon High’s JROTC traveled over to the Manteca Senior Center for the annual and long awaited Military Ball. The 21st of January schools from the area joined together for a night to remember. 

The event was hosted by East Union but schools from all around the area were invited to attend. Schools consisted of RHS, Manteca High, Lathrop High, Weston Ranch, and Sierra High. 

“It was pretty fun, there was food and drinks, guest speakers, and dancing.” states Second Leutenant, Jeevika Chaudbury. 

Military Ball is not only exclusive to the JROTC programs at schools but it is also exclusive to people within the program. 20 people are able to attend the event including the programs Colonel and Sergeant. Not only did students get an invitation to this event but so did the schools Principals, Vice Principals, and their dates. Mrs. Vashe, Ripon Highs’ Vice Principal and her husband Mr. Vashe were able to join the other Principals and VP’s who attended the event.

“The night was memorable, I had alot of fun,” describes Command Sergeant Major, Harshita Chaudhary. “Not only was it an experience to see what the guest speakers had to say but it was also really cool to just be there with my friends and enjoy the night.”

Cadets and Cadres paid their respects to the POWD, those who are currently deployed, and those who had gone missing in action. After paying their respects and enjoying the food that was provided, everyone joined in on the dance floor to dance the night away.