Fighting Hard Against the Crusaders but Fighting Harder Against Cancer

lexi hyer

Ripon High had their annual pink out game on October 13th. After the JV game and before the Varsity game, four women, Nina Winters, Lexi Moorehead, Zina Hopson and Brenda Leslie, were represented for being either a breast cancer survivor or currently battling breast cancer.

Michael Winters, son of Nina Winters, started off the game with a 70 yard rush that lead to Riley Machado, #32, scoring a one yard touchdown within the first minute of the game, starting the game 7-0. Riley again scored a three yard touchdown bringing the score 14-0. With two minutes left, Dillon Johnson on Modesto Christian scored a 21 yard touchdown, making the score 14-6 in the first quarter.

“I think that it [the lead in first quarter] gave the team a lot more confidence in ourselves to fight hard and believe in ourselves to win,” running back, Riley Machado said, “And it made me really hyped up to play hard the rest of the game.”

Having the lead made Ripon hopeful that they would leave with a win. In the second quarter, Modesto Christian scored two touchdowns that then put them [MC] in the lead 21-14.

“Going into halftime we were pretty upset. We played very well in the first quarter scored a few times fast and then got sloppy,” running back, Michael Winters said, “I think it motivated us, we knew it was going to be a rough game. We knew what they were going to do. We stuck to our game plan and just played well as a team.”

In the second half Modesto Christian was still in the lead, but Ripon was still not giving up. Modesto Christian scored two touchdowns and Ripon scored one.

“I feel like we played our hearts out to try and beat Modesto Christian. We did our best to come back and I’m proud of my team. It was a good game, but a tough loss,” offensive line, Cameron Gamino said, “We fought to the bitter end even though we lost, I still love my boys and the game and I’m proud of how we played.

In the fourth quarter Ripon was able to score again and got ready to kick the PAT. Coach Musseman shouted “timeout”, but the crowd was too loud for the referee to be able to hear him. Jacob Gahm went to kick the ball, and the PAT was blocked, leaving Modesto Christian in the lead 42-41.

“I’m really proud of the way they fought, they never gave up and kept working hard. If we had three or four more minutes I feel like we could’ve won because of how hard they were working, Head Coach Chris Musseman said, “If things would’ve worked out better, when we called the timeout, I feel like we would’ve been able to win as well.”