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Malia Taylor, Journalist

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Out of the many deserving Homecoming King and Queen candidates, seniors Kate Phelps and Derric Roy seemed to win over the hearts of the student body with their fun spirits and outgoing personalities at the 2018 Powder Puff game when they were crowned as homecoming royalty. When asked what their initial reaction was when nominated, both were nothing less than surprised.

“I wasn’t at all expecting to be nominated. I was the last one to be called so I was surprised and really nervous at first. I automatically started thinking about all the activities I had to prepare myself for. I was even more surprised when I found out I won the queen title. It was such a surreal feeling.” Phelps said.

From skits, to speeches, to parades, there are many fun events that occur during homecoming week. For some, it can be very nerve-wracking, especially for our homecoming king Derric Roy.

“One thing I wasn’t looking forward to was giving a speech in front of the entire school. At first, I was super nervous and definitely messed up a few times, but I think the fun moves and humor I added into my dance made up for it,” Roy stated.

When asked what their favorite part of this experience has been, they couldn’t choose.

“I honestly loved everything. This experience has been one of the best of my life,” Roy said.

The whole week is a time that the Homecoming royalty will never forget.

This experience has been one of the best of my life.”

— Derric Roy

King Derric Roy and Queen Kate Phelps pose for a photo after coronation.

“Everything. Things just kept getting better and better, if I could relive this week, I would,” Phelps claimed.

Ripon High staff is proud of our king and queen and believe that they are deserving of their position. When asked to say a few words on Phelps’ and Roy’s coronation, Mrs. Ochoa and Mrs. Pendleton felt overwhelmed with pride.

Ochoa, who had Roy as a junior, formed a close bond with him over the course of two years. She is proud of the man he has become.

¨I have seen a different, happier side of Derric this year. Even prior to Homecoming, he has really stepped up as a leader around campus and on his football team. I have never seen him so positive and excited for life. I am proud of you Derric, and I know you will have a bright future,¨ Ochoa said.

Pendleton, one of the many teachers Phelps wanted to thank during coronation, also had a few words to say.

“It has been a pleasure to have Kate in class this year. She has such a sweet personality, and since I didn’t get to have her in biology, I feel very fortunate to have her in anatomy this year.” Pendleton stated.

Senior year is full of “lasts.” From your last football game, to your last dress up day, to your last homecoming. We will all be remembered by the legacy we leave behind. Phelps is glad she could be the third generation in her family to win homecoming queen, while Roy hopes to be remembered for being the first black homecoming king at Ripon High School.

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