Hitting Snooze: Putting it to Rest

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Hitting Snooze: Putting it to Rest

Eleanor Tran, Journalist

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When you hit snooze does it affect the rest of your day?

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Monday morning – the first thing you hear is your alarm go off. You’re comfortable in bed and there’s nothing more you’d want to do than hit snooze and squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep, but is it really worth it?

By hitting snooze, you interfere with your body’s natural process of waking up, which actually sets you up to be more exhausted for the rest of the day. According to article “What happens to Your Body When You Keep Hitting Snooze” by The/Thirty, sleep expert and co-founder of Helix, Adam Tishman explained that going back to sleep after hitting snooze tricks your body into going back into sleep mode.

“When your alarm goes off again, your body and brain are confused, resulting in that foggy feeling called sleep inertia. Sleep inertia can stay with you throughout the day, making you actually feel more tired throughout the day,” said Adam Tishman.

Juniors Troy Brogan and Ana Perez, who are both very involved in school and extracurricular activities, have different ways of responding to their alarm in the morning.

Brogan occasionally hits snooze on Monday mornings before zero period sports conditioning, but as for the rest of the week, he usually wakes up right away.

“When I don’t hit snooze I feel better throughout the day because I got up right away, which means I probably got more sleep the night before. When I hit snooze, I have no energy to lift weights in zero period,” said Brogan.

Perez, however, typically hits snooze a little too often.

“Yes I do hit it [snooze] often and I end up feeling tired throughout the day because my morning got off to such a slow start,” States Perez.