Are phones worth using?

Abby Pendleton, Journalist


Most of us have access to a cell phone, television, tablet, or some other type of electronic device. We are using them constantly. Whether it is to tweet, text, play video games, or binge watch that show, our faces are locked onto a screen for hours a day.

However, have we ever taken into consideration what this might be doing to us? Yeah, we’ve all heard the whole “it’s straining your eyes” type of deal. But too much screen time may very well be affecting our mental health.

We have a chemical called dopamine, which are a main source of what sparks your happiness. There are various drugs that increase the dopamine in your brain as well. And getting likes on your Instagram post or tweet increase it by a ton, which makes social media and other factors much more addicting.

Not only are we glued to our screens, but our mental health is being drastically affected by it. For example, it has gotten to the point for most people with cell phones that they will experience major separation anxiety if they were to accidentally leave their phone somewhere. We literally cannot function right without it on us at all times.

A recent study shows that, according, depression and anxiety are symptoms of constant cell phone use. Other disorders, such as OCD, can also spark from it.

“[Phone usage] affects me poorly,” junior Molly Ysit said, “I always compare myself to others on social media.”

In recent years, there has been a mental health epidemic, which can very well be linked to screen addiction. It is important to go consult a doctor if you ever feel like you are being affected by a mental disorder/illness so you can get the treatment you need.

Is your mental health worth the extra likes on a tweet or binge watching that new show?