One Concept, One World


One concept. Everyone in the world would learn about it and what it meant. What would you choose to teach? If you could educate the entire world about one concept, one idea, would you take advantage of that opportunity? Think about how it would affect mankind. Would it make the world a better or worse place?

English teacher at Ripon High School Patrick Briggs, decided that he would want to teach empathy.

“Our school, community, and world would be a much better place if we could put aside our own bigotry and prejudices and empathize with those we oppose. By empathizing with others we may never agree with them but we will understand and possibly appreciate their views and actions in a new and enhanced perspective,” Briggs stated.

Other people went in the same general direction, all choosing to teach what they think would best affect the world. History teacher Eric Francis would teach us to learn from the mistakes of others.

“When humanity makes mistakes it costs us much. Whether that price be paid in lives, or denials of rights. We need to continually be moving forward, and not taking 2 steps forward one step back,” Francis said. “I think this would change the world in that we would all have a better undertstanding of how we got here, and what we need to make sure we both do and don’t do in the future.”

Special Education and English teacher Mrs. Giest determined that she would teach everyone how to practice kindness daily.

There are a lot of bad things that happen in the world today and people are more stressed out and afraid in our current times, “ Giest stated. “I believe that if more kindness was practiced daily our world would be exceptional.

— Mrs. Giest