High School Bucket List

     We spend about 180 days and 1,000 hours at school with no after school activities. When you get into high school and get involved, your life seems to revolve around high school. Whether it is sports, band, clubs, leadership, JROTC, or FFA we spend a lot more time than we would admit at school.

     Now we only have 720 days days of high school. In that time we have the best memories and the worst feelings on the roller coaster of becoming an adult and figuring out life. So here is to spending that time having fun and doing something daring. Here is to your high school bucket list…


Category #1: Making Memories

  • Make a time capsule and bury it in your favorite spot in town
  • Write appreciation letters to your teachers who made a difference in your life
  • Create a picture board or wall full of pictures with your favorite memories and adventures
  • Carve you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s name in a tree (or with a friend if you’re lonely like me)


Category #2: Adventures

  • Play hide n seek in IKEA
  • Go to a drive in movie and have an old fashioned date
  • Put a message in a bottle and put your phone number to see where it end up
  • Close your eyes and pick a random spot on the map and take a few friends and go there


Category #3: Fun With Friends

  • Pull an all nighter with friends. Tips to stay awake: drink a lot of Mountain Dew and go bowling or go to Boomers
  • Movie Marathon (Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars)
  • Go to the beach and camp with friends and watch the sunrise
  • Dancing in the rain with your friends
  • Go on a color run
  • Make the best playlist… ever


Category #4: Risks

  • Try a new look or get a new haircut
  • Jump in a pool fully clothed with your friends (a.k.a the polar bear challenge)
  • Help a complete stranger
  • Try something you have never done before Whether its food or an art class or even ziplining
  • Attempt to bake a cake from scratch for a special occasion
  • Be apart of or pull a prank
  • Take a ditch day
  • Shoot your shot with your crush 😉


     This list is simply here to make you go out on a spontaneous adventure or take a dare. I don’t want to hear “I wish I would’ve…” or “If I could go back in time I would change…” No more regrets or wishes. This bucket list may be small the possibilities are certainly not. Take this list and change it to make it fit you. Make a goal to strike off every single thing on your list so your high school life is one to remember.