Ripon High Reversing the Clock at Sadie Hawkins

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Ripon High Reversing the Clock at Sadie Hawkins

Molly Burton, Journalist

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On Friday March 1st, Girls League kicked it old school by bringing back the Sadie’s dance. The MUB was decked out with decades, from the swinging 20’s, to the roaring 90’s. Although there wasn’t a large crowd, it was a fun crowd. This is just the start of a lost tradition here at Ripon HIgh.

The Girls’ League team worked hard to come up with, and advertise the theme and dance and decorate the MUB full of decades. Girls’ League put on a groovy rally showing off the decades and put on a “newly wed” game to have a little fun. Girls’ League had some funky posters.

“We had a poster night with the officers, where we made the decorations for the event. We spent six hours total on the posters and decorations,” Mrs. Ochoa stated

This tradition of putting on a Sadie’s dance was halted at Ripon High, and we are glad to see it coming back. Many students at Ripon high enjoyed the theme, and everyone at the dance dressed up, which was totally tubular.

I liked the theme. It was fun to dress up in a decade of your choice and get to see what everyone else chose as well”

— Amber scheid

,” Senior Amber Scheid stated.

The Sadie’s dance is a little different than most dances, since the girls have to ask the boys. This funky fresh tradition encourages the girls to make a creative Sadie’s proposal to a guy.

“I don’t think it really matters who asks who in the first place, but I think it makes a girl asking a guy more comfortable,” Sophomore Gabriel Herrera stated.

The dance was a fun night to all who attended. The DJ played some throwback songs, and some new songs that got the students to dance the night away. Hopefully next year, more people will get into the dancing spirit, but for the first year back it was a success.

“I think it could have been better if more people went, but it was still a great night,” Scheid stated.