Save Money This Summer


Sophia Taylor, Journalist

  Everyone loves summer, especially the days where you can sleep in and do nothing. There are also lots of vacations and time spent away from our small town of Ripon. This can get expensive, so prepare your parents or guardians with some tips to save money over the next couple of months.


  • Last Minute Deals. Planning a trip last minute can be stressful. However, if you are willing to do it, there are plenty of last minute sales that come up as the days of your vacation come closer.


  • Free Breakfast. Lots of hotels offer free breakfast, so take advantage of it! The money you spend from eating out everyday can add up, so don’t pass up something when it’s free.


  • Travel on Holidays. Most people travel before and after the holidays, so they can relax on that day. If you don’t care about this as much, try travelling on a holiday. (For example, the fourth of July)


  • Eat Out at Lunch. At a lot of restaurants, the lunch and dinner menu have the same food, but dinner is priced higher. Spend the money on lunch and get something cheap for dinner.


Summer is super busy for some and very relaxing for others, but keep these tips in mind to make sure you have fun and save some money no matter what you’re doing.