LJ, The Dude


Abbigael Williams, Writer

Success looks like making sure everyone at Ripon High is happy”

— LJ

Dude be Nice is a week where students show off their skills of kindness and at the end, there is one staff winner crowned as the Dude. This year, that winner was Loren Johnson, or better known as LJ. 

LJ was nominated because of his character and going above and beyond his job description. From being a positive influence for students and staff and giving rides, he’s always there for everyone at Ripon High.

“He’s such an amazing person and so positive. I love seeing him around and whenever I need a ride, he gives me one. It just makes my life so much easier and he always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh,” says Sophomore Katelynn Cardoza.

“He does a lot for Ripon High so he definitely deserves this award,” said Junior Madison Berry.

LJ has influenced Senior Jaynell Mora by being a kind thoughtful human being and always being there for people. Whenever she’s having a bad day she knows she can go to him to make her feel better. 

“He goes above his job by making people feel special and like they belong,” said Jaynell Mora.

LJ was shocked to win, but he is beyond grateful and feels truly honored. His favorite part of working for Ripon High is the students.

“Success looks like making sure everyone at Ripon High is happy,” states LJ.