First Kisses: Expectations vs Reality

Maddyn Forks, Journalist

kiss in Paris!!!

In high school, first kisses are a major step in becoming a young adult. We all fantasize about what our first kisses are going to look like. Usually being at the top of the ferris wheel with fireworks is what we picture because of what we see in the movies. When we watch movies, we see first kisses as a romantic, lovey-dovey experience. Some people’s first kiss stories are, but in some cases, they are not what you would expect. 

We took an anonymous poll on people’s first kiss experiences, some of them were awkward, however,  some of them turned out to be good first kisses. There were many people who answered this poll. Here were some of the answers:

“I was 12, it was a peck and it was awkward. It was two seconds long,” says one who took the poll. 

A lot of the time, before you have your first kiss, you think about how it’s going to happen. Many others had awkward and unexpected first kiss experiences as well.

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“I made a bet with a kid if he could do a backflip I would kiss him, and he did one.” 

As these are somewhat embarrassing and awkward first kiss experiences, some of them didn’t turn out as bad. 

“It was magical,” someone answered anonymously. 

“Honestly, it was perfect timing and exactly how I expected it to be,” said anonymously. 

First kisses play a major role especially in high school because it’s usually when most people have their first kiss. Some first kisses turn out to be disastrous and awkward, but other times it can always be like it is in the movies. Most of the time, it does not happen exactly how we would expect.

Honestly, it was perfect timing and exactly how I expected it to be”

— Anonymous