Bood Lust Palette Review

Faith Harvey, Journalist

The 21st of february Jeffree Star cosmetics released their new collection, “Blood Lust,”which is all vegan and cruelty free. This collection is the sister to previous collections,“Blood Sugar,” and, “Blue Blood.”

Blood Lust featured a gorgeous purple color palette ranging from highly pigmented pink foils, to a beautiful black with purple sparkles sprinkled in. However, the first detail anyone noticed is the packaging. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is known for having amazing packaging, but this collection blew all the others out of the water. 

The palette is featured in a royal purple velvet hexagon, with a golden crown centered in the middle. The palette retails for $54 being the highest priced palette they sell with Blood Sugar and Blue Blood following behind.

In my personal opinion this palette is worth every cent, however everyone has different preferences. Many shades have amazing pigment and payoff, but the lighter shades need to be built a bit. In my personal experience, I had the best payoff with shades, “Bleeding Heart” and “Executioner.” These have impressive pigment for shades that aren’t easily made. I really needed to build a few shades to enhance the colors, but they are lighter so it makes sense that they need to be built. 

If you are looking for an average, practical, and easy travel palette, then Blood Lust is not for you. If you love a bit of color and love some good packaging, then I highly recommend this palette.  I give this palette a 5 out of 5 because I really enjoy good packaging and I love the color scheme.