Apps that are Crucial during Quarantine


Sahib Singh Dhindsa, Journalist

During quarantine, we have to stay connected with all of our friends and family because we can not see them in real life due to the coronavirus. Some say applications, also known as apps,  that people use a lot are like Facetime and Zoom; these apps also help teachers by helping them teach their students. Google Classroom is another app that helps teachers to assign assignments to students even if the students are not near the teacher and it also helps to communicate with there students.


Facebook is not the only app that is a social media app that allows you to see how others are doing and news around the world. Apps such as Instagram and Twitter both allow you to see the latest news around the world. These apps also have the option to tell the world how you are doing yourself.


Zoom is an app where you can facetime your friends in large groups, it also comes with many features such as choosing a virtual background if your original background was a mess and it also has the option for you to record your classroom discussions or calls with your friends and family and be able to use them later.


  Snapchat also is a social media app, but it is a mix of an app that lets you connect with the world, but it leans moreover to a messaging app. Snapchat as an option where you can see your friends you stories, but it also an opportunity where you can share your stories with the world, and you can see other people’s stories. Overall, these apps help us help each other out, check on each other to make sure that we are not struggling, and enjoy this hard time and hope for the best in the future.