Valuable Quarantine Apps


Stephen Corro, Journalist

Quarantine season can make people bored as stay-at-home rules are still highly enforced. However, times are getting better and we are seeing more and more areas open up. While people are not going out, their main entertainment source is their phones or electronics and the apps on them. Over the span of the coronavirus break people have been given, new apps have risen to the top for entertainment.

For starters, people like to get a good laugh out of their day. They seek content that will give them a smile over these challenging times. TikTok and YouTube are the primary leaders in this category, racking up millions of views throughout their respective platforms daily. Most of these views come from new and exciting content coming from their creators, Whether it is a new challenge including celebrities or new and creative ways to have fun in the comfort of your own home. People always seem to find a way to smile on these apps which puts it at the top of the entertainment category by a long shot.

People are trying to stay connected to the world around them. Being in the know of all the things happening, mainly the coronavirus, is important. All the news platforms have gone up. Whether it be Fox News, CNN, KCRA, or MSN News, all of them made an increase. This shows a major interest in what is going on around them which means they are staying entertained through it. Not only have those news channels gone up, sports news apps have gone up in interest as well. ESPN, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo Sports have all been on a rise of viewership since all leagues have been closed. Fans wait for any new information that can give them hope for a season of any sport to continue.

Show and movie apps have been on a major rise during the quarantine. Apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and even Apple Plus have gone up in viewership. This is because of the diversity of movies, shows, and originals that each app provides. All platforms have made new originals that all fans have loved and made trends out of. It is no question that these would be at the top of app glory, but no one would expect the amount of viewers each app would get. All primary and top-class apps like Netflix have gone up in views and value as it gains millions on millions of views each hour. Even lesser known apps have gone up in viewership by the millions. It is truly a sight to see.