Quarantine’s Effects



     For the last seventy days the whole world has been in quarantine due to the coronavirus. We have all been forced to stay confined into our houses with minimal interaction and strict family-only contact. For some, this has been a nice break from the outside world and daily stress with work and school. Although it has been nice for some, it hasn’t been for everyone, such as essential workers with children at home. Each and every person fighting with this pandemic have their own struggles whether it be keeping up with housework and kids, to fighting the virus head on at work. Our lives have changed in unimaginable ways that serious aftereffects will most likely occur after we are released from lockdown. 

     For the last few months we have been told to wear masks, sanitize, don’t touch each other, we are bound to have lasting effects whether it be positive or negative. We have trained ourselves to limit or completely cut off social interaction so much that simple tasks such as smiling at one another has become a chore. For those with social anxiety at school or work, will this worsen their condition making simple trips to the store stressful? 

     In relation to nature, it has had time to rejuvenate and heal, which truly revealed our impact on our planet and caused us to sit back and realize what we are doing. This may be one of the most positive effects of us staying home. Animals that we haven’t seen in years are emerging and returning back to their former state. Things that we thought were extinct are showing us that we made this happen, we drove them out of their home with our constant pollution and degrading of the planet. Once we resume our normal lives will we go back to harming the planet?

     The coronavirus has made adults and teenagers distance themselves from friends and forced them to talk over text and zoom related apps only. How will this effect hanging out with friends? Will we all slowly lose touch with one another or will we increase contact and bombard each other with company? 

    The other question wondered by many is once stores fully open around the world will there be a rush of customers at certain stores? Everyone has been deprived of non-essentials that there will likely be a rush of irresponsible purchases made by many. Already with stores half opening there’s been a surplus of customers lined up ready to buy. No matter how or when the coronavirus comes to a stop, it’s almost certain that the planet will have effects, whether it be positive or negative.