Ripon High set to return November 30th

Ripon High set to return November 30th

Allie Camara, Journalist

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Are you ready to go back to school? As many of you may know Ripon High is set to return to in-person learning on November 30th. Different students and teachers have opinions on what this should look like, and how to make students feel more comfortable when returning to campus. The date we are set to come back is right around finals, and many students are stressing over that.

Student Grace Mikami says, “ I think that I would rather go back after Christmas break because honestly I am scared to go back and especially with these cases rising and with finals where we have to cram all of our knowledge into a short period.”

Going back to school can be a huge adjustment for some, especially since the last time we were in classrooms was March.

Teacher Laura Ochoa says, “  I guess I was just expecting to distance learning for all of semester one. As a parent, I have mixed feelings about the return to in-person learning. My children are doing relatively well in distance learning, but I can see how comfortable they are getting with being home, so I think it is good for them to get back on a more structured schedule.”

Junior Naomi Wilbur says, “I think Nov. 30th is the best date for us to go back this year because it gives us time to get adjusted to getting back into a school routine, and then when we come back in after Christmas break we’ll be able to continue normally”

Even though there are concerns about returning to school, everyone is eager to get back as soon as it’s safe. When interviewing everyone it can’t realize that everyone has different opinions and we have to respect everyone.

“The real question is are the benefits worth taking the risk of hurting others?”

says Mikami.