Black Friday 2020


Allie Camara, Journalist

Did you go black Friday shopping this year and notice some changes?  This year’s Black Friday shopping may have looked a little different this year due to COVID-19. Many stores participated in limiting consumers in the building, or used online shopping to their own advantage offering discounts. 

Many major retail stores, such as Target and Walmart, take part of Black Friday every year. This year a lot of stores had to improvise because of COVID. According to the article from Newsweek written by Natalie Colarossi, the amount of in person shopping dropped by about 55 percent. However, online shoppers increased by almost 45 percent.

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“The coronavirus pandemic paved the way for record breaking online-only sales, with a total of 95.7 million shoppers making purchases online,” stated Newsweek. 

Stores also decided limiting their occupancy inside of the building would be a safer way to continue the tradition in a more normal way. Many people had chosen this way of shopping.  Walmart had even set out their own guidelines for the special event. 

“Shoppers will be required to form a single-file line before stores open at 5 a.m. on the Friday after Thanksgiving and follow directional signs to avoid others while shopping,” said Webmd. 

Overall, Black Friday can be a huge tradition for some and others it’s not as big of a deal. Whether you shopped online, or stood in lines to claim huge deals, it wasn’t the same as the tradition we call Black friday.

 “This year more than ever, a joyful holiday will be inseparable from a safe one, and we’re continuing to adjust our plans to deliver ease, value and the joy of the season” Webmd’s  Carolyn Crist stated.