Ducky VS Razer


Gaming has evolved over the years; games have been played on almost any modern-day mobile device, whether it be a phone, PC, Console, etc. People have advanced, and so has technology, but in this article will be talking about two different gaming keyboards, Ducky 1 two mini or the Razer – Huntsman Mini Gaming.


“In my opinion, I think that the Ducky 1 two mini is better than the Razer – Huntsman Mini because the Ducky has many different options for keys, and it also has the ability to be able to play mineseeker, which is not an advantage in gaming but still fun to play,” said Freshman Jay Jones. 


Everyone has their opinion on which is better because the keys do not change how well you play. Different keyboards don’t change your skill and how you play a video game, the only reason there are options is for personal preference, whether you like a softer keyboard or one with more resistance. 


“The Razer Huntsman Mini is better than the Ducky 1 two Mini because the macro settings are much easier to set up and the key selection that comes with the Razer Huntsman Mini and also how the LED lights. What I like about both keyboards is that they both have a LED option,” said Isaiah Williams.


A lot of newer keyboards are now getting LED potions where the keys light up, and you can replace different keys. For example, you could put another color for your A,W,S,D keys. In other words, you can customize your keyboard key colors or LEDs.


I believe that it doesn’t matter what keyboard you use, it matters how good you are at that game”

— Hayden Keller