Indoor Sports Are Back

Riley Slikker , Journalist

 As we reach the one year anniversary of our lockdown the news we have all been waiting for has arrived. It’s been a long time coming for these athletes who have missed out on so much this year, but all indoor sports are back open. 

Every sport is going to be played under the rules and guidelines issued by Public Health.” said Ripon High Athletic Director Rod Wright.

There are still a lot of restrictions and guidelines these sports have to follow, especially since they’re indoors. Restrictions include only two spectators per player, testing, and masks will be in place.

You will see masks when players are on the sidelines and off when they are playing.

Parent observers will be wearing masks at the games as they are cheering their athlete on.” said Wright.

The seasons this year will be very different. Sports seasons will be about 5 weeks total.  Each sport will only have about 10 games, with two games per week. So, their season is very short and fast paced. Students are also allowed to partake in multiple sports at a time this year, as long as coaches agree and everyone communicates.  

“I’m sad our volleyball season has been postponed for so long, but I’m glad we have a chance to do something. I would rather have a short season than none at all. It’s an activity with a team for the school, so I’ll take it.” said freshman Katherine Eskes.

With the crazy year it’s been, it’s nice to have some form of normality reappearing as life starts to return to it’s new normal. Although things are still very different, athletes are still happy that they are able to have a season this year, no matter what that season looks like.

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