Tribe Awards 2021


Natalie Becerra, Journalist

This year Ripon High had its 4th Tribe Awards on April 29th, 2021. There were 13 students in total who got an award. These students do not get the award for having a 4.0 GPA or being the best athlete. Tribe Awards are simply given out for being- all the characteristics of what it means to represent our tribe here at Ripon High. 

Four out of the thirteen students got asked questions about their tribe award. Most of them were shocked and very excited to find out which teacher gave them their award.

“Morty was the one that presented the award, and this year we spent a lot of time together and built a very good relationship. If I could give a teacher a tribe award I would definitely give Morty it. Like I said we have built a very very good relationship together, and I think a lot of what she does at the high school is unrecognized.” said senior Brendan Lan.

“I was not expecting to get one at all. I was very shocked and surprised at first but really happy I got one and appreciative, but overall happy.” said junior Izzy Thompson.

Always be kind to others and talk to everyone, put yourself out there!!”

— Darrian Deleon

Some teachers gave their awards to students who worked hard with their grades, others gave theirs out to students who lifted other’s moods and were just nice to be around. Especially with COVID times. 

“When I received my tribe award I felt shocked and excited because when you go into getting the award and when you’re sitting there you don’t know which teacher gave you it so it’s a surprise. But when Mrs. Pendelton said my name in the middle of her speech my heart dropped because I was so shocked.” said junior Abby Thompson

This teacher gave her award to someone that was a good person who lifted other’s moods and helped her a lot.

“I gave my award to Miss Abby Thompson for her creativeness, her willingness to take control, pleasant personality, and tries to help make a difference in other’s lives. It wasn’t hard for me to think of who would have gotten this award. I can’t wait to see what she does.” says Mrs. Pendelton

“I was really excited and I was happy I wanted to know who gave me it really badly. My advice for people that want to get an award is to always be kind and talk to everyone and just put yourself out there.” says senior Darrian Deleon

When you receive a tribe award it is very special because it is not a typical award given out at RHS. This award is given to people who work hard, impact others in a positive way, and are kind to others. Your hard work pays off.