Sharing Names, Sharing Schools

How siblings manage going to the same school.

Taitem Brown, Journalist

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The thought of going to school with people we see everyday is disappointing for some, but exciting for others. Sometimes older siblings lay a path for their younger siblings and leave a legacy at the school. Siblings can be iconic and known for being family.

¨With all three of us at school I sort of felt more comfortable,¨ junior Reina Sausedo said. Knowing at school that you always have somebody that can look out for you gives people more confidence in going to school. Having your siblings at school can make school feel more welcoming.

With all three of us at school I sort of felt more comfortable.”

— junior Reina Sausedo

When a new freshman sibling comes to school they have more of an advantage over the other freshman because they almost have the inside scoop over everyone else. Older siblings are a built-in resource that are always willing to give information.

“Compared to my other freshman peers I feel like I know more than them already because I have siblings that already went to this school,” freshman Anthony Sausedo said. Older siblings get to know almost everything about high school and pass down the knowledge to their younger siblings.

Having older siblings at school sounds like it would be great and have no disadvantages, but there can still be some conflict. Schedules don’t always line up, and siblings aren’t always on the same page.

“I knew it would be kind of difficult because of having to get ready in the morning and taking all of them to school,” senior Rachel Sausedo said. Older siblings learn to take care of their younger siblings. Having siblings that are their to watch out for you can always be a benefit for life.

Siblings have a special bond and when they are put into a close environment, it gets even stronger. They get to share a lifestyle that will be remembered for years to come. Siblings look out for each other and make the hard things in life better.