Life Without the LED’s

What it is like to not have some technology.

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Life Without the LED’s

Taitem Brown, Journalist

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Every day we are obsessed with looking at our phones, computers, T.V.’s, and we can’t imagine what it would be like not having them constantly at our fingertips. There are those who don’t have screens around them or they have even chosen to give it all up just because they know it is better for them. People without screens don’t have the constant distraction and interference in the in their work which is their main priority sometimes.

Some students have decided to give up social media completely because they realized how bad it was for them. They do it as an effort to decrease there screen time and addiction to their phone.

“As time went on it became to be less stressful in life, you don’t compare yourself in life as much to other people,” sophomore Macie McPeak stated.

Often students don’t grow up with certain screens so they don’t even feel like they are missing out. They find substitutes for all the stuff that the rest of the world spends their free time on.

“I don’t feel like I am ever missing out because my phone can tell me enough and I also don’t care about what is on T.V.,” freshman Marek Postma said.

Without the distraction of social media I can focus on the friendships I currently have and make good real-life friendships”

— Elias Herrera

Without a T.V. people can find themselves devoting more of their time to other activities. We don’t really realize how much time we spend on screens and when we completely get rid of it that time adds up.

“I think having a phone is such a distraction in my life. I wish I had never gotten one, but now I can’t seem to let go,” freshman Hau’oli Lee said.

The sudden switch from not having a phone to having one all of a sudden can lead to a decline in productivity. While there are lots of benefits of having a phone there are still plenty of disadvantages. Students find their grades to slip and their interactions with close ones to go down.

Our screen time addictions take away our time from human interactions, but also provide an easier less stressful way to communicate. Junior Elias Herrera stated, “Without the distraction of social media I can focus on the friendships I currently have and make good real-life friendships.”