Preparing The Future

Malia Taylor, Journalist

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Marybel Reyes smiling for her selfie.

Marybel Reyes is a very helpful, engaged counselor here at Ripon High School. Reyes was born and raised in Ripon and attended Ripon High all four years. She then attended Stanislaus State in Turlock, CA for college where she changed her major to psychology and received her bachelors and masters .

“I’ve always loved helping people. I started in mental health before doing counseling, I worked with people who suffered from severe disabilities. I felt like we were getting to people too late,” Reyes said.

This is when Reyes decided she wanted to do more.

“If I could help the students here get their mental health in order along with their academics it could be a better place. I feel more at use with the younger population,” Reyes said.     

Reyes is very invested in her work but when she does have free time she has a few things she enjoys doing.

“I love to read, growing up my parents were very strict so I always liked to come home and read a good book. I also love spending time with my kids, they’re my everything. I’m a total family person, but when they drive me crazy I go into a good book,” Reyes said.

Ripon being her hometown, Reyes feels very welcomed and familiar working at Ripon High. One of her favorite things about working at Ripon high is the amazing students.

“A word of advice I have for the students is to just enjoy the experience. You’re coming to school because you have to learn, it’s your job, but at the same time you want to enjoy it. Participate in events, be active in your clubs. That’s one thing I didn’t do in high school that I regret. If you have the ability to get involved, do it,” Reyes said.