The Surface of Conspiracy Theories

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The Surface of Conspiracy Theories

Aubree Pelon

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A topic that has skyrocketed the last few years, but have been around forever, is conspiracy theories. There’s no limit, or way to access the amount of conspiracies out there in the world. There’s thousands of them I’m sure you’ve never even considered or heard of. Thankfully with our technology today, we have people who almost bring awareness towards conspiracies, and share their thoughts on them.

The definition of a conspiracy theory is: “A theory that rejects the standard explanation for an event and instead credits a covert group or organization with carrying out a secret plot, ” according to

Known conspiracies include ones of flights gone missing, the man walking on the moon (real or not?), the earth being flat, or simply that the government is listening and watching us through our cell phones. Conspiracies have an effect of taking the audience into a deep mind set, really considering realistic possibilities you never thought would be true.

Let’s jump into the reason I feel conspiracies are thriving: Shane Dawson. Shane Dawson is an author, actor, film director, but most commonly known for his huge platform on Youtube. With over 21 million subscribers, his channel includes funny skits with friends, documentary like series with popular youtubers and artists, but most importantly conspiracy theories videos.

Dawson recently just posted a two-part video series in February, focusing on selected conspiracies. One of which included Chuck-E-Cheese using uneaten recycled pizza and how you can record your voice to make it sound like others. The video really gets you thinking “What if?,” and leaves you “shook” as Dawson often says.

I encourage everyone to check out Shane Dawson’s Youtube channel, as the work he creates and provides us is unlike anyone else.

Recently, I posted a survey asking of conspiracies students at Ripon High believed. Many responded back with “The earth is flat” or “The Mandela Effect is real”, which were common ones. In the feedback box, one stated that Walt Disney’s head is actually frozen and preserved, and another being pigeons are robots ran by the government. These all seem interesting enough, and can leave you spending hours researching the real truth behind them.

Conspiracy theories will have you questioning some of your beliefs in no time. There’s thousands of wonderful videos, movies, and articles written on conspiracy theories that are a must to check out. Linked down below is Shane Dawson’s channel, along with other popular conspiracy videos. Whenever you’re feeling like binge watching something, or falling down a new, dark hole into the interweb, research some conspiracies.