The Time is Now


Isabella DiGiulio

Climate change is a serious issue that everyday more people are striving to fix. The negative impacts humans have had on the Earth are believed to be the cause of climate change, which is the abnormal changes to the climate for a significant amount of time.

From Sep. 20 through 27 of this year people across the globe gathered in different cities to protest against climate change. Several students from Ripon High missed school to attend the nearest one in San Jose.

“It was very civil and it was a silent protest there was no arguing or anything bad happening. It was just such a great event,” Junior Gracie Jaime said.

The strikes had a huge impact, with many missing school or work to attend. It brought awareness of global climate change into many people’s minds.

That many people gathering and wanting to discuss and having common views about something makes people dive into research. Like how much of an impact really are we having on the environment.”

— Junior Kate Villegas

By going vegan this past April, Villegas has stopped consuming animal products. She also avoids shopping from brands that aren’t transparent on where they make their clothes, and refrains from buying single use plastic. 

“I barely consume any plastic anymore, like single use plastic I completely boycotted and I just use reusable things,” Villegas said.

Some may believe taking part in ending climate change is a daunting challenge to do, but it really doesn’t have to be. Small, simple things can make a big difference, especially over time. Invest in a tumbler to have your morning coffee in. Opt for a hydro flask rather than single use water bottles. Recycle whenever you do use plastic bottles or cans. Maybe even taking one day to eat vegetarian. Simple things like those are easy and make a difference. Even spreading the word or taking time to think about the environment helps.

“I highly encourage going to climate strikes. Like taking a day off school to go and see the energy around you like how important it is to these people, like it’s important for a reason. So just being in that environment is really motivating,” Villegas stated.

The Earth is our home and a lot of people feel we need to do everything possible to protect it. And although climate change is a large issue that may seem like an overwhelming problem to face, the small day to day things you can do make a difference. 

“It’s gonna affect how long we’re gonna be able to live on this planet, because our ecosystems are dying and the air is just getting more polluted so it’s just a matter of time,” Jaime said.