Interact Club

lexi hyer

Last year, the Interact Club helped the community in a huge way. On Thanksgiving day, they made meals for the elderly and delivered them to their houses. They also set up a booth at a golf tournament, where you paid to have a professional golfer drive for you. They did a “Fight Fire with Cookies,” where they baked cookies for fire stations and thanked them for their service. They also did another big project last year called “Jeans for Teens.” What they did in this project was ask people to donate their old jeans for homeless teens in America.
This year they have made goodie bags for the Love Our Cities golf tournament and for polio awareness. To collect money for polio, they had a booth at Main Street day where they had little rubber ducks in a bucket of water with 1, 2, or 3 on the bottom and you paid $0.25 to pick a number. If you got a 1, you dipped your pinkie in purple ink, because when they gave immunizations to people in other countries, they dipped their pinky in purple ink so that it stays for 2 weeks, so they knew who they had given the immunization to. If you got a 2, you got a purple ribbon and a 3 was a bag of fruit snacks.
This year they are planning on doing the Thanksgiving meals for the elderly again as their project of the month.
“Interact club is about helping the community and others in need. It’s about being selfless and doing whatever you can to benefit others.” said club president Owen Gollinger.
The main purpose behind the Interact Club is to help our community and others in need.
Their club adviser is Ms. Meyer, their club president is Owen Gollinger, their club vice president is Brandon Williamson, and their club officers are Spencer Schroen and Cameron Gamino. They meet every Monday at 6:30 p.m. in Mrs. Meyer’s classroom.
“I love helping the community, it’s hard work but it’s very rewarding. the best part of the whole club is the feeling of pride when you know you’ve helped someone.” said club officer Spencer Shroen.img_6383img_6382img_6381