Tips to Help You Cope with Finals Stress

lexi hyer


  • Study.


Studying will always help ensure you know your stuff. You can set up a study organizer to help make sure you always have time to get in some studying. Don’t procrastinate it or hold it off, you will later regret it. If you study for just an hour or more, it’ll help your brain remember your work and when it comes to the test, you will feel confident and now stress out.


  • Eat a Full Healthy Breakfast.


The day of your final make sure you eat a full healthy breakfast. Breakfast is known to be one of the most important meals of the day. It helps reduce your hunger, causing you to be less hungry throughout the day. This then means that your stomach growling won’t be a distraction from your test. Food is also how we get our energy in order for our brain to fully function.


  • Get a Good Night’s Rest.


Sleep is our body’s way of re-energizing itself. Your brain cells are also renewing and studies show that people who don’t get the full amount of sleep do worse on tests. You also don’t want to fall asleep in the middle of your test.


  • Shut down Your Social Media Sites.


Do not let social media distract you from studying your subjects needed for your test. You can stay off your phone for at least an hour to focus on studying all you need to know to pass your tests. Social media is not at all as important as it is for you to pass your final exam.


  • Relax.


Don’t let your stress take over your life. Relax. Take a warm bubble bath with some nice scented candles. Maybe go on a nice walk listening to your favorite music. Play with your pets. Do anything that will help get your mind off of all your stress about finals, but do not let that take over your time for studying. Have study time and ”me time.”

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