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  BookTube sounds a lot like YouTube and that’s because it is. BookTube is a subsection of YouTube that is filled with a community where people who love reading can share everything from the most popular to the never heard of books. BookTube has been around since at least 2013 and many people believe that Christine Riccio started it all with her BookTube channel, PolandBanasBooks.  


She gave us all a voice, to talk about our books through our personalities, which is what makes this field so unique,”

— Regan Perusse of the BookTube channel, PeruseProject.


     The most popular BookTubers are Christine Riccio (PolandBananasBooks), Jesse George (jessethereader), Regan Perusse (PeruseProject), Ariel Bissett, and Kat o’Keeffe (Katyastic). Their BookTubing videos consist of book reviews, book hauls, bookshelf tours, books that the BookTuber plans on reading, and book of the month reads. They also have other YouTube videos that are not about books but the main content on their channels are of books. 

     These videos are extremely helpful for many reasons. BookTube can help with ideas of what books you may be interested in.  if you already have a book in mind, looking up a review on BookTube may also help (BookTubers will usually put in the thumbnail whether or not there will be spoilers in their videos). Then you can know whether or not a book is worthwhile to read. 

     According to Kairos Magazine, “We live in a time in which I feel people have less patience to just sit around and watch a boring video,or read a boring news article review,” said Thomas, a BookTuber. 

     If you want to learn how to start your own BookTube channel, it’s easy and you can start by clicking on to learn more.