Preparing for AP Exams


Isabella Handall Miller, Journalist

Students cram all the year’s learning material into just a few days as they prepare for the nearing AP exams.  The pressure of doing well and getting college credit can really get to you. The stress alone is enough to worry yourself into a bad grade. What can be done to make studying more effective?

“Just know that everyone around you is experiencing the same thing, throughout the country. You may think you’re lost (…), but again, everyone is feeling that way,” Junior Katelynn Prater says. She explains how the overall score is based on how well you do in relation to your peers. Because everyone else is learning in a pandemic environment, the chances of passing increases.

“Remember, your teachers are paid to teach you. They’re there to help you. They’ve helped hundreds of students on these tests, so they know what to expect. They are honestly your best resource.” Prater continues. Take advantage of the help you’re offered! Using,,, and YouTubers like CrashCourse can really help with the studying process.

In the article 5 Expert Study Tips to Help You Pass Your AP Exam, Joey Radu of the University of Iowa says, “The gamification of learning has been underway for a while now, yielding excellent, readily accessible resources for students.” Making studying fun can make it feel less like work, and more like a hobby! When studying, make sure to have all distractions off. Listening to music can boost concentration. If lyrical music is distracting, try some instrumental pieces or lofi beats. Get into that studying state of mind. It’s a good idea to take a break if you’ve lost focus. Our brains need time to process all the information.

“If you feel like you’re working your butt off and not getting satisfactory grades, then you should find something else. Everyone learns differently and that’s a good thing! If everyone learned the same way, there wouldn’t be much of a variety in our strengths. Society needs people with different skill sets and thinking patterns to create it, and make it better!” says Prater.

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