Mask Mandate Lifted at RHS

Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

     Two years later. On March 13th, 2020 we all were sent home and told that school would resume normally in a week, but we were terribly wrong. Over the course of two years we have experienced a global pandemic, and one that seemed to have no end in sight. Now, the mandatory mask mandate has been lifted at Ripon High since March 14th, and we are all given the option to decide whether we want to continue to wear the mask, or show our faces once again. Some students and staff at Ripon High have been counting down the days until the mandate was lifted, but others are still continuing to wear a mask for their own safety. Ultimately, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some students and staff have conflicting views and opinions regarding losing or using masks at RHS. Some are rejoicing that we can take a few steps toward normalcy, but others feel that we are taking steps in the opposite direction.

     “I feel that there will be negative repercussions with the mandate being lifted, because obviously COVID isn’t over yet,” stated Junior, Kyla Villagomez.

     While some may feel that the mandate being lifted will negatively affect students and staff at Ripon High, others feel that will decrease in COVID cases as more and more are becoming vaccinated, that masks should be a choice for each individual.  Many can agree that masks also limited the quality and quantity of social interaction between students, friends, and teachers. With most masks being gone, the hope is that we will no longer be socially impaired, and feel like a united community once again. 

     “[…]I’m hoping that it allows for more effective interaction, I do think that even thought the kids have done it for a year, I would assume that it does limit the positive interaction to some extent, because your always wearing a mask and you may not hear each other as well, so I see the lifting as mentally positive[…]” stated Mrs. Burton, teacher at Ripon High.

  Overall, with Ripon High’s mask mandate being lifted and no longer being required, many strive to see the positive effects that we will see in the coming weeks, and will feel that we are headed in the right direction, a direction towards normalcy and emerging out of this global pandemic that has changed and altered so many lives around the world.


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