Celebs Take Over 2020


“File:180612 Harry Styles Live On Tour in Nashville.png” by itsloutual is licensed under CC BY 3.0

This past year, many celebrities have been taken into recognition by our generation. The VIP’s of this year have been granted nothing but success and fame, so introducing the most thriving celebs recently: Charli D’ amelio, Kim Kardashion, and Harry Styles.

Known as the “Tik- Tok Queen” herself, Charli D’amelio has a fan base of almost one million followers! At the age of sixteen, she has managed to make many special appearances in a Jennifer Lopez music video, and a 2020 Super Bowl advertisement (Alexis Benveniste, 2020). As well, this young star has made many other collaborations with companies such as Dunkin, Morphe, Hollister, and more. Her income can come as high as 100 thousand dollars per sponsored post (Gabrielle Bernardini, 2020)! Many opportunities have been heading towards Charli, and only the future knows what holds for this young star next.

The famous show named “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has skyrocketed since its first appearance streamed in 2007, handing Kim Kardashion plenty of credit as she walked the red carpet various times (The Famous People, n.d.). As her mom remarried to Bruce Jenner, leaving her with two half sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, they’ve all created a strong bond over the years and carried nothing but success for all siblings (The Famous People, n.d.). Her fame has only ascended, owning her own company to sell products from video games to beauty, and earning a net worth of over 780 million dollars (Marissa DeSantis, 2020, Forbes, 2020). Kim’s dedication to her accomplishments have only made her work harder to keep them, who knows what she’ll fulfill next?

As many teens nowadays are fond of the “One direction,” British boy band, their split has taken each member towards another independent path of fame. With Harry Styles net worth of 80 million dollars, he’s managed to write and sing his own songs, which have all been huge hits, including Adore You, and Watermelon Sugar (Celebrity Net Worth, 2020). Harry is well known for his contribution in different charities and causes including Civil Rights, LGBTQ support, Human Rights, Abuse, etc., which inspired fans to stand with him even more (Look To The Stars, n.d.). 

As these stars rise into stardom, they bring a memory into the minds of young people. They’re successes have been recognized by us, and we hope for more in return, to fuel our knowledge with the creativity of today’s stars.