Fall Festivities


With our fall break coming up very shortly, there are many things to do and many places to see.  Whether it be traveling around the country, going out of state to visit family, or just staying local and being with loved ones, everyone at RHS has their own fall break festivities. With a whole week off and the added addition of being able to enjoy some Thanksgiving turkey, what else might other people do with their time off? 

“Me and my family usually like to stay home and spend time with each other, my husband’s family are close by and we like to bring our kids out from the east coast,”said college counselor at RHS, Mrs. Goudeau. 

Being home on break and just being with family may be the best thing to take your mind off of school. Thanksgiving dinner and a good football game usually tends to ease everyone’s worries, and that is the benefit of the break. Although some people like to stay home and relax on their break, others would rather travel to vacation spots or to distant relatives’ houses. 

“I usually go to Disneyland with my family during the fall break and will spend time with extended family down south. When I’m home, I’ll hang out with friends and watch Hallmark movies,” said Derek Nguyen, Senior. 

Although this time will be used for us to relax and take a break off of the work given to us from school, some may use the time to work more or start working in general. Having the free time to focus on these aspects may be beneficial in the long run, even if you have to sacrifice a chunk of your break. This is the best time to get the things you want or need to do out of the way, so enjoy your fall break and try to make it count!

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